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After attending GenCon I recognized that it could be terribly difficult to obtain the products I wanted and even harder to obtain them at a reasonable price. I took this as a problem that I felt our Company could solve. Twenty-five years in business we at Logosdirect principally deal with apparel, so gaming is a bit different. Since we construct our own software and automation, our development team took the challenge. Gamersroll is the result.

Prior to Gamersroll, you could obtain these items a few ways: Visit a store and select from the products on the shelves, if not available have them special ordered by the store. Visit one of the giant online stores that sell a little of everything, but don't specialize in gaming. Both of these methods are great, but when I jump into a new game it sometimes requires a big investment. I wanted to be rewarded for the amount I was putting into my new project.

Gamersroll operates differently. First, we designed our software to display the products that are available from the major gaming distributors across the US in real time. This gives you access to everything. As orders are placed with us we batch our purchases with these distributors and pass along the discounts we obtain to you. Due to our volume, we are able to negotiate volume pricing that you can clearly see on our site. This results in the best pricing for you. Second, we provide you with additional discounts based on the size of your order. If you build an entire army, you should get a discount! 

We are excited that we have the opportunity to be in this industry and look forward to providing you with a vast selection at the lowest price possible.

John Denison | President